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Do you charge a registration fee?

  • We do not charge a registration fee.

How much commission do you charge?

  • We charge 25% on photographic productions, 20% on TV/Film productions and 12.5% on stage productions.

Does a parent or legal guardian have to be present?

  • For all children under 16 years old, a parent or legal guardian must be present at all times (unless with a licensed chaperone).

Are you a sole representation agency?

  • We are a sole representation agency for photographic productions.

Where in the UK do productions take place?

  • Clients regularly shoot in London and Manchester. You will be made aware, at the time of enquiry, if the location will be outside of London.

Where in the UK must I be based?

  • We represent children across the country. Please be aware, before applying, castings and shoots require travel and expenses aren't always covered.

Are expenses paid?

  • Travel expenses and accommodation are not covered for productions in London. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

Are professional photographs required?

  • We do not require professional photographs to offer a child representation. Please see our APPLY page for guidance.

Do you guarantee work?

  • We would love to guarantee work for all of our models but unfortunately that isn't possible. Clients select who they would like to book. To view the work featuring our child models, please view our GALLERY.

Do castings and shoots take place during school time?

  • Majority of castings and shoots take place during school hours. Clients aim to provide casting times for school age children after school but this isn’t always possible. A Child Performance Licence is required for children to take part in productions and this requires school permission.

Do I apply for the Child Performance Licence?

  • A Child Performance Licence is required for all children under 16 years old to take part in all productions. For children 5 years old and over, this will include a school permission letter. We will guide you through the process when we need to apply for the application and we will apply direct to your Local Education Authority.

How does payment work?

  • Clients can take up to 90 days to pay. Arwen & Co will pay outstanding model fee’s each time the money is received from the client. We process payment via BACS and will request payment details when the first model fee is received.

What happens next?

  • You will receive a phone call from us should we wish to offer your child representation.

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